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If you’ve never considered laminate flooring for your home, you might not be aware of what you’re missing or what you stand to gain from this line of products. Easily one of the nicest looking materials, it also adds sophistication and personality that lines up perfectly with your own unique style. Taking on the appearance of natural stone, solid wood, or porcelain tile, it’s easy to match your decor and stands up well to trend changes too. More importantly, this material easily stands up to heavy foot traffic and everyday wear while resisting stains, scratches, and fading.

Kanter's Carpet and Home works hard to make sure you don’t have to. With your complete satisfaction in mind, we put all of our experience to work for you the moment you walk through our White Plains, NY showroom doors. We’ll get to know you and your needs, then match you with products and services that bring your experience to stunning reality. At the same time, we place no pressure or gimmicks in the assistance we offer. We proudly serve the communities of Scarsdale, Tarrytown, Chappaqua, Larchmont, and Rye, and look just as forward to serving you as well. Stop by when it’s convenient and allow us the honor of gaining your business.

Laminate looks great on you

With the appearance of a variety of all natural flooring materials, laminate easily matches any decor. From the serious and private spaces like bedrooms and studies to more playful areas such as playrooms and kids rooms, you’ll find this flooring meets every need with stunning accuracy. That means a wall to wall placement is completely possible. When you can stay within one product line for your entire home, it helps make your decisions simpler and makes installation quicker and easier as well.
Modern laminate flooring in Rye, NY from Kanter's Carpet and Home
Just as laminate adds stunning beauty to any space in your home, it’s also very functional and durable. With a construction that was created for some of the highest levels of in-home traffic, you’ll find these floors not only weather the load but they also remain structurally sound for longer periods of time too. They don’t warp, buckle, or crack and they are not affected by temperature changes, so you never have to worry about environmental changes creating a need for flooring replacement.

Installation of your laminate will be a quick and easy process, leaving you with amazing floors you can walk on right away. Be sure to speak with your flooring professional for more information.

Kanter's Carpet and Home has been the trusted provider of laminate flooring options for homes in Armonk, Tarrytown, Briarcliff, Bedford, and all over Westchester County. Stop by our showroom today to find the perfect flooring option for your home!

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