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Kanter's Carpet and Home's dedication to quality service and products has made us Westchester County's leading provider of flooring and flooring related services since our humble beginnings as a carpet cleaning service in 1948. Moreover, we are proud to say that same dedication to quality extends to our custom area rugs.

Whether you're looking to add a bit of extra color to a room, or simply want to create a more comfortable space in your home, we are sure our team can work with you to find the area rug solution that's right for you.

Custom area rugs add color to any room

Custom area rugs are the perfect solution for people looking to add a little something extra to a roomthat doesn't quite have that perfect touch yet. By selecting the material and style of your area rug, youcan create an instant accent personally tailored to your room's specific needs. There really is nothing quite like an area rug to tie a room together!

Custom area rugs add warmth & comfort

While floors made from harder materials, such as tile or hardwood, can be amazingly beautiful and functional, they tend to lack the comfort and warmth of carpeting. With a custom area rug, you can have all the luscious beauty that comes from other harder flooring options, while still having an island of soft, warm comfort where it matters most. Area rugs are also a great way to insulate your floors in colder months to help cut down on your heating bill.

With a well-chosen, high-quality area rug, you can have all of the chic aesthetic and easy maintenance of harder material floors, without the sacrifice of all that plush comfort.
Stylish area rugs in Chappaqua, NY from Kanter's Carpet and Home

Custom area rugs help protect your floors

In addition the aesthetic beauty of area rugs, there are some very practical benefits of employing them in your home. Chief among these benefits is the protection that they provide for the floors beneath them. This protective quality is especially useful when it comes to hardwood floors. Custom area rugs are the perfect way to protect against the fading that comes from hardwood's exposure to sunlight.

By strategically placing area rugs in areas where sunlight or heavy foot traffic is expected, you can cut down on the wear and tear of heavy use and UV exposure, thereby extending the service life of your floor, and look great doing it.

Interested in custom area rugs?

If you are in the market for a custom area rug and would like to discover more about this versatile flooring accessory, we would love nothing more than to have you visit our showroom in White Plains, NY. Our experienced staff would be delighted to show you around and demonstrate all of the stunning designs and materials we have to offer. Stop in today and find the perfect custom area rug solution for your home. We have helped people throughout Scarsdale, Armonk, Rye, and all over Westchester County find the perfect area rug to complement their home’s style.

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