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Installing floors can seem like an impossible task if you’ve never done it before. While some homeowners choose a do-it-yourself approach, most customers want professional help. Kanter's Carpet and Home can provide the flooring installation services you’ve been looking for. Our talented team of flooring experts is trained to work with carpet, hardwood floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, custom area rugs, and more. We are a licensed and insured team with years of experience servicing local customers throughout White Plains, Bedford, Briarcliff, Scarsdale, NY, and the nearby areas.

Setting up an installation appointment

Today, it is easier than ever before to request our service. By filling out the form on this page, you’ll be on your way to having one of our experts contact you by phone or email. We’ll schedule a date for an appointment at our showroom that works for your schedule. During your consultation, you’ll receive design advice as well as an estimate for your service. We make planning to remodel your home a breeze, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Call Kanter's Carpet and Home for the finest floor installation at a great price. Our work is guaranteed to make you feel right at home with your new floors. Call us directly at (914) 949-6517 or click on the button below to get a free quote on your next flooring project.
Installation in White Plains, NY area from Kanter's Carpet and Home

Reason to choose professional installation

Some projects are easy enough for customers to do themselves. However, installing floors can prove to be difficult. There are a number of reasons that you may prefer to hire our team. These reasons include:
  • Expenses: Surprisingly, it is often cheaper to hire a team to place your floors than it is to do it yourself. A self-made project needs rented tools, extra material to cover possible mistakes, and lost hours of time. You may also find yourself reaching out for professional help anyway after a frustrating experience. We suggest hiring our professionals for the best, longest-lasting results.
  • Keeping your warranty: Some manufacturers will not honor your floor’s limited warranty if you choose to install them yourself.
  • Expertise: With the exception of simple floor install kits in small rooms, most jobs are simply too hard for the average homeowner to do themselves. Our installers have the training and tools to install a number of floor types. They are less likely to make the common mistakes that an amateur might make.
  • Insurance: Our work is backed by insurance so your home is protected from any damages. If you happened to damage your floors or home yourself, you would be left alone to foot the bill.
  • The best results: There is no comparison to professional work. You can know for sure that you won’t spot scratches, warped spots, or gaps in your flooring. You can feel confident that your flooring will last for years without needing immediate repairs or replacements caused by installation mistakes.