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Design consultation can be a great tool for a homeowner who wants to change the look of their home. A good consultant can help you build a budget, choose your colors, and more.

Kanter's Carpet and Home brings the residents of White Plains, NY the best design consultation service at no cost. Our experts can help you figure out how to make your household feel more like home than ever. We can also help you save money and stay on track as you plan to remodel your home.

Meet your design consultation expert today

If you are considering changing up your home’s look with new carpets, flooring, custom blinds or window treatments, we invite you to request a design consultation appointment today online or by phone. We are happy to help new and returning customers with their home remodeling needs!

We’re proud to offer residents throughout Westchester County the finest service and products available from carpet to hardwood floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, window treatments, custom area rugs, and more. Call today or fill out the form on this page to set up an appointment at our carpet store.

Design Consultation in White Plains, NY area from Kanter's Carpet and Home

What is design consultation?

There are a lot of ways to plan to remodel your home. However, if this is your first time, or you are just a busy person, planning alone can be hard. Having an expert there to walk you through each step can be a great way to make sense of it all.

Some things you can expect from your design consultation include:
  • Setting a budget: Knowing how much you have to spend can make shopping easier. Instead of wading through hundreds of products and services, you can narrow it down to your price points. You can also see where you can save money or where you can treat yourself to a little luxury! Our consultants can help homeowners work with just about any budget, big or small.
  • Knowing your needs: You might think you know what you’re shopping for, but looking through catalogs and stores can leave you feeling all mixed up. Our consultants will walk you through your day-to-day life to identify what you need most. For example, family homes may need more durable and stain-resistant products. Talk to your consultant about what you need most and we will make a plan that fits your life.
  • Working out a timeline: Do you have a busy work schedule? Even the busiest homeowners can figure out a timeline that works for them. We help you set up the right appointments and times for services based on your schedule. You can plan in advance and take time off from work, know how long you have to save up money, and more.
  • Creating a unique look: Using a magazine or an internet guide can be helpful, but the resulting design might be a little uninspired. Working with a consultant means getting a custom design plan that reflects you. Your home will be tailor-made to fit your style, budget, and lifestyle. Best of all, it will look better than ever!