Protecting Your Floors From Winter Traffic

The winter months can be a very playful and fun time of year, especially for kids?snowmen?sledding?snowball fights and hot cocoa. With all the fun and excitement on top of regular day-to-day traffic, winter has a way of making its way inside and onto your floors. Between the cold and wet weather and increased traffic from family and friends during the holiday season, it can seem impossible to keep your floors dry and clean. However, keeping all the moisture at bay is essential to avoid warping hardwood floors or damaging carpet, and ensuring that your floors stay in great condition for the long run.

How Does Snow and Salt Damage Floors

Tracking snow in the house leads to standing liquid on your floors which can cause damage over time. It can warp and fade wood and other hard flooring surfaces as well as leave carpets smelling of mildew. Hardwood floors can even buckle when exposed to excess moisture for long periods of time, so it is imperative to keep them dry and clean. Salt is another problem for your floors entirely as it can not only fade colors but leave permanent stains and scratches as well.

Keep Your Floors Moisture Free

One way to help keep your floors dry is to use area rugs and door mats. Having one mat just outside the door and another just inside the door will capture a good portion of snow, moisture and salt from shoes. Removing shoes at or near the door is also an important step in ensuring that your floors are protected from snow and salt in the winter. This can be hard to keep track of, especially if you have small children and/or pets constantly going in and out. One way to avoid the problem is to help your kids develop a routine habit of drying their shoes before coming inside. Wiping your pet?s paws as they come in from outside can help reduce them tracking moisture throughout the house.

Cleaning Moisture Off Your Floors

Inevitably, doormats and routines aren?t going to keep all the snow and moisture away from your floors. The trick is to not let water and moisture stand on the floor too long. It can be chaotic but taking the time to mop up any rogue water during the transition from playing outside to coming in for hot cocoa is beneficial. In addition, any salt remnants should be vacuumed up immediately.

Protect Your Floors By Controlling The Humidity In Your Home

Believe it or not, heating your home evenly is also conducive to protecting your floors. If the air in your house gets too humid or too dry, your hardwood could expand or contract which leaves gaps between boards. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be utilized in the winter months to help you control the humidity levels in your home.

Winters in Westchester County can be harsh, but that doesn?t mean your floors have to suffer. By following these simple tips, you can ease the burden on your floors, keeping them merry and bright throughout winter so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season.