More than 85 million families throughout the country currently include a pet! Keeping this in mind, it?s imperative that you safeguard your surroundings from your furry friend. While pets may certainly be cute, they can also wreak havoc on the interior of your home.

Fortunately, the team at Kanter's Carpet & Design Center is always standing by to help. There are many things to consider when selecting a carpet in a home with pets. From playtime zoomies, to potty training mishaps, Kanter?s has the very latest in durable and stylish carpeting choices to accommodate your pet friendly home. These surfaces are sure to stand up to shedding, dander, drool, claw marks, and a few inevitable accidents.

NYLON CARPETING?Durable and Easy To Clean

There?s simply no overstating the advantages of modern nylon carpeting. Not only is this surface quite durable, but it?s easy to clean, and will retain a lovely texture for years and years to come. On top of that, nylon fibers are both abrasion resistant and odor resistant, so your new carpet will undoubtedly stand up to the wear and tear including those not so happy pet accidents.

WOOL CARPETING?Resilient & Affordable

Over the years, wool carpeting has remained one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners across the county. Although this surface generally comes with a heftier price tag than nylon options, it doesn?t get as dirty as most synthetic carpets. It also boasts excellent resilience, so it will bounce back after continued traffic from your family and your pets. You get the convenience of easy-to-clean, aesthetically pleasing carpet with the peace of mind of affordability.

OLEFIN CARPETING?Ideal for High Traffic Areas

In the past, olefin surfaces were widely regarded as outdoor options. As the technology has progressed, however, olefin fibers have evolved to mimic the look and feel of wool. These short and dense fibers are ideal for high traffic areas and are easy to clean if your pet has an accident or tracks mud through the house.


If you?re interested in adding a pet-friendly carpet to your home, simply contact one of the certified representatives at Kanter's Carpet & Design Center?. For years, our knowledgeable team has continued to assist clients throughout Westchester County, NY and all the surrounding communities. Have no doubt, we?re sure to feature the perfect flooring surface to suit your pets and your own personal design aesthetic.