carpet cleaning with a puppy

Carpet Care for A Pet-Friendly Home

From shedding and dirty paws to accidents, dogs and cats can damage and shorten the longevity of your carpets. There?s nothing quite as satisfying as newly installed, aesthetically pleasing carpets to bring a warm and welcoming fresh look to your home, but it can seem like a full-time job trying to keep your carpets clean when you have furry friends afoot. As cute as they are rolling in the dirt and playfully bouncing around the yard, they are bringing more than their happy disposition back into the house with them. Fortunately, there are some simple preventative measures you can take to help limit the wear and tear your pets have on your carpets.

Easy Pet Care Tips For Carpets

Being a responsible pet owner means taking proper care of your animals. There are several ways that taking care of your pets not only keeps them happy, but also helps limit the damage they can do to your carpets and flooring. Learning how to take care of your pets when you have carpets can ensure your carpets last a long time.

Keep your dog?s paws clean to keep your carpets pristine

Drying wet paws before your animals come inside can help prevent stains and dirt from embedding in the carpet. Those paw prints are adorable, but the only place we want them leaving a lasting impression is on our hearts.

Trim those nails to prevent carpet damage

Keeping your pets? nails trimmed and filed can avoid carpet damage. When your dog gets the ?zoomies? and runs around excitedly full force and then stops on a dime to shift directions, it can snag the strands of material and cause unraveling over time. It will eventually leave bare spots in the carpet. Keeping your cat?s nails trimmed will help deter them from using your carpet as a scratching post.

Keep up with grooming- clean pets lead to clean carpets

Grooming your pets regularly will help you avoid your pets? not-so-delightful scents from embedding in your carpets. Ever get down on your yoga mat to engage in some self-care and get stopped mid-downward dog by a waft of dirty dog smell hitting you in the face? That dirty dog smell has a way of lingering and holding on to carpet fibers. Keeping your dog regularly bathed will help you avoid unwelcome odors. Routine brushing reduces shedding which can also keep your carpet safe from pet hair and dander.

Potty train your pup to protect your carpets

Toilet training your pets is also essential to keep your carpets clean and odor free, so be sure to potty train your puppy as soon as possible. It?s important to address accidents right away to get the smell out and avoid stains, so that areas of your carpet don?t become a regular spot for marking their territory. Blot the stain using a damp clean cloth with some mild detergent. Afterward, use some baking soda on the damp area to dry the wet carpet and absorb the odor.

Easy Carpet Maintenance Tips for Homes With Pets

Regular grooming and training your pets can help keep your carpets in tip-top shape, but you want to be sure you?re also taking care of the carpets themselves to protect your floors from your fluffy companions. Routine cleaning and care will always prolong the life of your carpets, especially in a home with dogs and/or cats.?

Use area rugs and runner carpets to protect your floors from muddy paws

The use of runner carpets and area rugs in high traffic areas, especially by entrances, can also help homes with pets keep the carpets clean. While these runners and area rugs will capture dirt and mud, saving your actual carpet, they are also a d?cor bonus, adding character and flare to any room. With so many color schemes and design options, there?s an area rug to suit every d?cor theme.

Vacuum your carpet regularly to control pet hair

Regularly vacuuming your carpet will keep it pet hair and dander free. Over time, dander weighs down your carpet and locks in odors. It is important to also vacuum under furniture, as pet hair and dander can travel. It is helpful to use a carpet powder before you vacuum. There are many options but be mindful of powders that use harsh chemicals as they can be toxic to you and your pets. They can also adhere to carpet fibers and build up over time making it a great breeding ground for allergy causing bacteria. It is important to read labels and look for products that are natural and environmentally safe with the lowest amount of chemicals.

Deep clean your carpets to remove pet stains and dander

Another maintenance measure is to steam clean your carpets on a regular basis. It is recommended to have you carpets professionally cleaned between 2 and 4 times a year, depending on the traffic volume in your home. This will help remove any saliva, dander or stains left by your pet. Keep in mind that a mild cleaning solution should be used as to not break down the structure of the carpet and it is essential to allow your carpet to dry thoroughly before regular traffic commences. A carpet that isn?t given the proper amount of drying time can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Proper Care of Your Pets & Carpet Leads to A Happy Home

Carpets add value and comfort to your home. They can really pull a room together and set the ambiance for your living space. There are many types of fibers to choose from, but no matter which one you choose for your home, it is important to invest in proper maintenance, especially when you have pets. Proper maintenance of both your animals and your floors will protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet as well as improve the air quality in your home which impacts the health of your entire family, 4 legged members included. Explore our site for area rug and carpet options. For more information about carpet maintenance or any other flooring questions, contact us today.