Are luxury vinyl flooring "wear layers" important?

Are luxury vinyl flooring "wear layers" important?

You'll hear about "wear layers" as you search for the perfect luxury vinyl tile and plank. But how important are these, and what do they do?

Understanding this layer can help you make an excellent choice for your remodel. Take time to consider these facts as you get your project underway.

What is a wear layer?

The wear layer sits between the image layer and the protective top layer. Its purpose is to protect the image layer from damage, but it does other things.

For instance, it can help resist dents and scratches that permeate the top layer. So if you see the image of your LVT flooring start to fade, you'll know the wear layer has been breached.

The importance of the wear layer

The primary reason wear layers are so important is that they prevent the floors from wearing out. Without them, your floor's lifespan would be very, very short.

Even in medium to heavy traffic, this wear layer can keep your floors looking great for years. So searching for an excellent option for your upcoming remodel is worth your time.

What kind of wear layer should you choose?

Wear layers come in various sizes to fit different LVP flooring needs. For example, a six-mil wear layer could work well with very little traffic.

But in busy spaces, choose a thicker option. If you're unsure, we'll discuss your options to devise a plan.

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