Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Home

We could all use a little pick-me-up after the crazy year and frigid winter we just experienced. With spring quickly approaching, longer days and sunshine are on the horizon, which also means it is time for the annual Spring Clean. Whether it is tackling your hardwood or laminate floors, cleaning your home?s window treatments, or finally figuring out what exactly is in that junk drawer, the time of year to address these tasks is here.

The reward for completing a big spring cleaning is extremely gratifying, however, before diving in it can be very overwhelming. It is always a good idea to create a checklist and visualize what you would like to accomplish before setting out on the journey.

We have compiled a Spring-Cleaning Checklist to help you get your home in tip-top shape just as the better weather arrives.

Start with Cleaning Your Floors

Our floors are typically one of the most abused areas in every room and after a harsh winter, they will need to be shown some love to give that brand new look we crave during the spring and summer months.

Hardwood Floors ? It is important to never use wet or steam mops to clean your hardwoods because it can warp or damage the wood. Use a cleanser specifically designed for hardwood to get up the more difficult spots or areas.

Laminate Flooring ? For laminate flooring steam mops should never be used and excessive water can be harmful. Soap-free cleansers are the best for ideal spring-cleaning results.

Vinyl Floors
? Damp mopping usually does the trick for vinyl flooring, however, for those tough-to-remove stains, baking soda and water form a paste which can work wonders!

Carpets & Custom Area Rugs ? Steam cleaning or hot-water extracting handles the job for many carpets and if you can, having the cleaning done professionally can make your life so much easier. If not, owning a steam cleaner or carpet washing machine will certainly provide you the ammunition to tackle any stain.

Cleaning Window Treatments

The spring is a perfect time to focus our cleaning attention on our windows. With so many window treatments available, it is important to understand what cleaning technique and solution is best for your home. You may want to dust with a microfiber cloth or lightly vacuum using an upholstery attachment to keep your blinds, shades, and other window treatments looking their very best. ?

Countertops & Appliances

Countertops and appliances typically receive daily maintenance to keep up with the required cleaning. However, during a spring cleaning you can break out granite polish, or other similar products to have your counters and appliances looking as shiny as the first day they were installed.

Other Checklist Items For Spring Cleaning

Check your Smoke Detectors ? While it is recommended to check your smoke detectors once per month, a good habit to get into is checking the entire house when you are performing your annual spring clean.

Dust Ceiling Fans and Other Uncommon Areas ? Hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans or chandeliers are usually forgotten about most of the year, but not during the spring!

Shower Curtains ? Replacing your shower curtain is always an option, but you can always stick your plastic or vinyl curtains in the wash with a few towels and a lovely smelling detergent for a like-new appearance.

Junk Drawer
? This drawer needs no introduction, but this time of year is the best time to tackle the dreaded junk drawer.

Everyone handles their spring cleaning a bit differently, but the goal for us all is to walk into a home we can look at and be proud of. Accomplishing your spring-cleaning checklist will get you on the path to that gratifying feeling we all have once the work is done.

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Your spring-cleaning checklist may seem too long, but by following a checklist and knowing exactly what to do for each surface it can be manageable. If during your cleaning it seems like it?s time to upgrade your floors or window treatments, Kanter?s Carpet & Design Center is here to help every step of the way. From custom blinds and window treatments to hardwood floors and area rugs, we have the designers and installers to exceed all your expectations.

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